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    2 New African-American Owned Networks Will Be Launched On Comcast

    Ever since the black community got a whiff of “Wakanda-Forever,” they’ve been showing up and showing out. *two snaps*

    Comcast just announced that they’re providing their millions of customers with two new networks, straight from the African-American community. The networks being added are CLEO TV and AFRO. Both were picked in regards to their proposed content, financial readiness, relevant market experience, MVPD, price, how much potential value they’ll bring to Comcast, and if the networks are substantially owned by African Americans.

    “We are excited to bring AFRO’s live content and growing on demand catalog of more than 300 hours of original programming to millions of Xfinity customers. Comcast’s selection of AFRO, which is a recognition of the rich diversity in black content and culture, solidifies our position as a leader in polycultural black home entertainment in North America,” said Yves Bollanga, Founder and CEO of Afrotainment.

    AFRO is a 24-hour network, which will only highlight Nollywood and black movies, dramas, sitcoms, music, talk, and late night comedy shows. Together, with CLEO TV, they plan to bring diversity to Comcast’s growing customer base.

    Michelle Rice, TV One’s General manager, said, “CLEO TV will offer a diverse mix of lifestyle and entertainment content through the unique lens of Millennial and young Gen-X women of color, an audience segment that is currently underserved.”

    The news comes after Comcast agreed to add add 10 new independently owned networks, with the promise that eight of those networks would be minority owned or operated. They plan to roll out the new networks starting in January 2019.

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