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    Charlie Puth and Brooke Sansone Are Engaged!

    Charlie Puth Has a Big Surprise – He’s Getting Married!

    Charlie Puth, the singer who sings those catchy songs we love, has some super exciting news! He’s going to get married to someone he really, really likes! Imagine if your favorite character from a movie or a book decided to marry someone special; that’s just like what Charlie Puth is doing. Charlie is a famous singer, like a superstar, who sings songs that make us want to dance and sing along.
    And guess what?
    He did something super special on his 31st birthday in December. He and his girlfriend, whom he’d known since he was a little kid, went to a cool place to celebrate. It’s a restaurant where they serve yummy pizza. But here’s the fun part: they ate pizza just like how two cute dogs in a Disney movie ate spaghetti together. You know, like Lady and the Tramp!
    That’s so adorable, right?
    Charlie talked about how much he loves his girlfriend on a special talk show. He said that he’d known her for a really long time, like since they were kids. That means they’ve been friends for a super long time before deciding to get married. It’s like having a best friend who you also want to be with forever!
    Charlie also makes awesome music. He just released a new song called “Lipstick.” It’s like when you make a super cool drawing, and everyone loves it. That’s how Charlie feels when people listen to his songs. But even though he’s a big music star, he wants to keep his wedding a secret from the news people. He wants it to be just for him and his girlfriend, like a special secret club.
    So, Charlie Puth is going to be a married person soon, and we’re so happy for him! It’s like when you have a big party with cake and balloons, but even more exciting. We can’t wait to hear more about his special day, and we hope he and his girlfriend have a super-duper happy life together, just like in a fairy tale!

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