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    Cardi B Sets The Record Straight On Nicki Minaj Flow Rumors: “I’m My Own Artist”

    Cardi B’s Flow Sparks Heated Debate Among Fans: Did She Borrow from Nicki Minaj’s Style?

    Fans have been buzzing about Offset’s new album, “Set It Off,” where he had his wife, Cardi B, as a guest artist. Cardi had previously hyped up the album, calling it “Grammy material” and praising Offset’s dedication to it. However, when the track “FREAKY” came out, some fans thought Cardi’s flow resembled Nicki Minaj’s, and that got people talking.

    Cardi initially seemed to dismiss these claims by liking a tweet that disagreed with the idea, but then she decided to address it directly. She expressed her frustration, saying, “People love to link my name to nonsense and make it a trend. When I respond, suddenly I’m the problem. I’ll defend my name every time. If you have a problem with it, leave me alone.”

    In other news, Offset threw a lavish birthday celebration for Cardi B, and she shared her gratitude on Instagram, acknowledging his efforts and love. Fans of the couple applauded their growth and love for each other. However, the debate over Cardi’s alleged borrowing of Nicki Minaj’s style continues.

    Some fans firmly reject any comparison between Cardi and Nicki, considering it an insult. Others feel that Cardi may have lost some of the uniqueness she had back in 2018. Fans remain split on their beliefs, and they’re vocalizing their opinions on various social media platforms.

    This topic undeniably stirs strong emotions, as fans engage in heated and ongoing debates. Some point out that Nicki Minaj doesn’t respond to Cardi’s fans who frequently comment on her posts, while others believe Cardi might be seeking attention through her responses. The drama continues, and the debate rages on among fans.

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