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    Cardi B & JT Start A Battle Of The Rap Queens

    Even in the world of a fame and fortune, some people just can’t get along. Unfortunately, several rap Queens have made an enemy out of each other. Unfortunately, some women just let the media pin them against one another.

    Recently, Cardi B and City Girls’ JT engaged in a pissing contest over who’s the best female rapper. The insults ranged from “dog” references to playing Nicki Minaj’s new track “Super Freaky Girl” and everything in between. Talk about Battle of the Rap Queens.

                Cardi B & JT Compare Each Other To A Dog

    Battle of the Rap Queens
    via Dish Nation

    Back in 2019, City Girls and Cardi B had a great run together when they dropped their hit collab “Twerk.” Apparently, times have changed. Recently, Cardi B and City Girls’ JT engaged in a Twitter feud this past Monday that raised quite a few eyebrows.

    At first, the conversation started in the DMs and eventually made its way across all of Twitter. The two rap Queens started hurling insults at each other when Cardi B called JT a “lap dog” and told her to “go fetch.” Furthermore, the City Girls’ member threw back “I’m a BIG DOG . . . Go fetch you some real talent.” Clearly, Cardi B and JT have some bad blood between each other.

                A Battle Of The Rap Queens


    Furthermore, their feuding eventually escalated to the point where Cardi B started comparing numbers and YouTube views. According to the Grammy-winning rapper, she’s had several more hits than City Girls.

    At some point, Nicki Minaj offered her two cents to conversation after posting a video clip of JT raping a new verse over her “Super Freaky Girl” track. Minaj trolled Cardi B even harder after changing her profile photo to JT. Clearly, the two intended to gang up on the Invasion of Privacy star.

    However, Cardi B never goes down easy. The mother of two responded by changing her profile photo to Minaj’s arch nemesis, Remy Ma. At this point, the fight only intensified when Cardi B and Nicki Minaj seemingly drudged up their old beef. The fight turned into a Battle of the Rap Queens. They were definitely fighting for the crown.

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