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    Remy Ma Says Doja Cat Isn’t A Rapper

    Quirky rapper Doja Cat has gone from a small-time emcee to a breakout sensation. The artist has taken home several awards, including a Grammy. Additionally, she released three albums, her Planet Her album being the most successful. Despite all her success though, the rapper still has haters.

    Most recently, Remy Ma made it known that she’s not a fan of the Grammy rapper and singer. In fact, she went as far to say that she doesn’t believe she’s a rapper. It comes as a surprise that Remy Ma, of all people, doesn’t support her fellow female rappers.

    Remy Ma Refuses To Call Doja Cat A Rapper

    Doja Cat isn't a rapper
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    There’s a lot more that goes into becoming a rapper than people realize. Remy Ma has checked off a lot of boxes for emcees and fans alike. However, the NY emcee doesn’t give the same credit to her peers. In fact, Remy Ma went as far as denouncing the Grammy-award winning artist Doja Cat as a rapper.

    During a recent interview with Drink Champs, the rapper plainly stated that she doesn’t view Doja Cat as a true rap star.

    “I don’t consider her a rapper, let’s make that clear. They classify her as a rapper, but I don’t see her as one. However, she creates fantastic music, and I think she’s great.”

    Obviously, Remy Ma isn’t a fan of Doja Cat’s spit game but she does find her songs interesting.

    Twitter Loses It

    Doja Cat isn't a rapper

    Remy Ma is entitled to her own opinion of the hitmaker, but Twitter disagrees. The Terror Squad’s critique of Doja Cat lead to mixed reactions from social media fans. While some agreed with the NY rapper, others completely went off on the emcee.

    One Twitter follower wrote angrily, “Remy Ma saying Doja Cat isn’t a rapper just pissed me off. B***h are YOU a rapper? What was the last song YOU released?”

    Clearly, Doja Cat has a super supportive fanbase.

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