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    Cardi B Hilariously Trolls WWE

    Celebrities aren’t just known for their talent, they’re also recognized for their social media presence. Even before Cardi B became a big-time rapper, she had a huge social media presence on Instagram. The “WAP” rapper is known for her flamboyant, unfiltered and often humorous posts. She knows how to connect with fans, while also delivering amazing music. In her latest posts, Cardi B trolls WWE Wrestling CEO Vince McMahon after namedropping her on a recent episode. The boss man better watch out.

    What Started The Twitter Frenzy

    Anyone who is a Cardi B fan, knows that the female rapper is a comedic at heart. The emcee could do stand-up comedy if she wanted. Her latest comedic stunt came after a WWE’s WrestleMania episode aired on Monday. During the segment, Cardi B gets name-dropped in the most hilarious way.

    In the clip, Angel Garza interrupts Hall of Fame Torrie Wilson with a rose as she speaks with Nikki Cross. The male wrestler leaves the moment she tells him that Cardi B, Ariana Grande, and Kylie Jenner are waiting in a room just down the hall. Instead of finding the three starlets waiting for him, Garza encounters The Boogeyman. The night just gets hilariously worse for Garza when he gets pinned by WWE’s 24/7 Champion, R-Truth. We can only imagine how disappointed Angel Garza must’ve been. Though, it doesn’t even compare to Cardi B’s reaction.

    Cardi B Trolls The Boss Man

    via EWrestling

    Soon after the segment aired, Cardi B found herself caught in a WWE Twitter frenzy. Initially the rapper had no clue why she was trending on social media. It wasn’t until a fan shared a clip of Angel Garza getting hoaxed that Cardi B understood the nature of the Twitter frenzy. The rapper took to Twitter herself to express her shock, distraught and amusement at the segment. Though, she wasn’t impressed by WWE’s name-dropping her. Cardi B proceeded to troll WWE and even went as far as hilariously threatening its CEO Vince McMahon. “VINCE MAHON COUT YOUR F**** DAYS!” Those are some big words against Mahon. While Cardi B is a wrestling fan, we’re not sure how she’d hold up against WWE’s manager in the ring.

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