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    Cardi B’s Secret To Creating The Perfect Big Buns

    Celebrating our bodies boost our self-esteem and promotes confidence. Female celebrities in the music business especially promote body positivity. Hip-Hop artists such as Lizzo and Doja Cat proudly flaunt their unique physiques all over social media and receive tons of praise. Even rappers such as Cardi B have been vocal about their bodies and its cosmetic enhancements. The “WAP” rapper makes it known that alterations were made to her chest and buns during her stripping days. Though, the rapper always aspired to have the perfect big buns, even as a teen. Cardi B let’s fans in on an interesting trick she used in school to accentuate her backside.

                Cardi B’s Big Buns Trick

    Like most girls in school, Cardi B yearned to have pronounced curves like her female peers. We’ve all gone through that stage in life where we want to fit in. As teen girls, we’d stuff our bras with tissue paper or add extra padding to make our butts look bigger. Cardi B seemed more concerned with the latter of those two during her high school days.

    This past Tuesday, the I Like It rapper revealed on Twitter her secret hack to making her butt look bigger. “It’s the fact that I used to put 2 thick a– tights under my jeans in Highschool to make my a– look fatter and nobody ever clock the tea,” she tweeted. Apparently, Cardi B’s tights trick was so convincing that her peers never once questioned her. That’s a hack going down in the books ladies.

                               Fans Share Their Stories

    Big Buns
    via Rap-Up

    The rap star’s hack reveal became more of an open discussion when fans started tweeting their real-life stories of how they “altered” their bodies. Cardi B’s fans posted stories of themselves cutting out the shoulder pads to their mother’s shirts and tucking them in their bras. Wouldn’t it just been easier to buy a push-up bra? Others even revealed that they wore pants with sowed in butt pads to achieve bigger buns. Cardi B is a master at connecting with her massive fanbase on all levels.


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