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    Boris Ayson Brings Electricity to the EDM Scene

    The EDM Scene has seen tremendous growth these past couple of years. After the lockdown, festivals like Tomorrowland soar back on the scene, with Boris Ayson leading the way with full strength.

    We’ve also witnessed major comebacks from artists who’ve won their audience in the digital domain, that now have doubled their fanbase, leaving them with much anticipation for musical releases.

    When showcasing resilient musicianship and trendsetting, a Netherlands-based artist named Boris Ayson is a name you need to know.

    As a prominent figure in his homeland, Ayson has been turning heads with this expanding discography. After garnering critical acclaim with “Ain’t Gonna Fall” and racking a few million streams and listeners, he’s on the road to a successful 2023.

    Not many artists know how to get back in the game at full speed; Boris is the opposite–he’s figured out the formula to keep his fans engaged without having to pump out the same sounds each song.

    Fans are looking for something that breathes life into their playlist and gives them energy; this is precisely what Boris Ayson does when crafting his mixes, let alone hitting the big stage.

    It’s undeniable that 2023 has Ayson killing the streaming game, making more hits, and collapsing with some big names.

    The “Give Me Your Love” hitmaker has done an excellent job securing his international presence and is excited about dropping more singles and remixes this season.

    Stay in touch with Boris Ayson and follow him on Spotify below!


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