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    Dosk is Bringing New Energy to the EDM Scene

    A person should highly value artists in all facets of the creative world. Whether or not they are intelligent, it is admirable that they have the guts to take the lead. In the music business, we’ve met a number of musicians. Some of them have musical backgrounds, and others don’t. Because of their enthusiasm and courage to be counted among the top artists in the world, independent musicians are attracting a lot of attention in today’s society.

    The fact that there are so many young artists attending the performance demonstrates how seriously the current generation takes their aspirations and careers. The fact that young people are so committed to their profession and improving society via their music is a true blessing for us.

    One such young musician is poised to revolutionize the music industry with his musical artistry. His stage name is “Dosk.” He was very much drawn to music at a young age, and as I said about committed children, we can use him as an example.

    He grew up seeing his father work as a producer, which inspired him to join the music industry and contribute to it. Since the literary substance is not a factor in EDM, he must use every last bit of his imagination to produce music that is addictive.

    Musically, Dosk has continued to steer away from the mainstream norm and experiment with different sounds ranging from Emotional, entertaining, and relatable When it comes to sharing advice on his musical success, Dosk adds,” Trust your gut and don’t be afraid to fail. Always start with “why” you want to be an Artist/DJ and put your head down to work. Trust yourself and learn from others.”

    While Dosk was performing in Italy, the audience loved him so much that they gave him the nickname. The person who inspires him is DJ Snake. His musical ability to produce sounds that are relatable across the globe is something he strives to do as well.

    He has a remix mix coming out in September (Power Hour 5) and some songs that he is getting ready to release as well. Either as singles or in an EP. Dosk is a young talent that should not pass unnoticed, and it is our duty to make it happen.


    Follow him on Instagram and check out his music on Spotify.


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