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    Black Women in Politics and How America Handles Black Politics and Socialism

    Black women are becoming the fruit of this country, especially in politics. Most would say that politics is for white men, being that once up a time, they dominated the cabinet. However, new generations are exposing racism, capitol and social issues in America. With the onset of Covid-19, African American women are dominating industries all over the country and will now be adding including government to the list.

    According to New York Times, with the Supreme Court seat Justice, Stephen Breyer retiring, President Biden can make history. Just last week, Biden makes a promise to America that the next Justice seat will be given to an African American woman. Although this is groundbreaking, this is like a slap in the face to oppressors. There is no thin line when it comes to women and politics. There are social and political pitfalls that put a strain on African American women who assume these positions. If being a woman in politics is a struggle, imagine being a black woman in politics.

    Black Women in Politics

    Undoubtedly, there is an obvious divide when it comes to black women holding political seats in The Unites States of America. Why is this? According to US Today, not only do black women battle racism, the lack of money and supports causes them to lose races.

    When it come to social concerns, there is a major fault of the government. Consequently, they assume that black female protestors are a threat to this country. According to Time, African American women confess in court that white men gang raped then during the Memphis riot.

    From this anti-rape activist groups would expand, defending black women who suffer from sexual violence.

    When it comes to politics and social sanctions in line for black women, black women are still climbing the mountain to equality. In steady strides.


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