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    Big Sean Fan Ties Shoes During Performance

    Big Sean And The Untied Shoe

    On Saturday night (August 21), the “Detroit 2” singer presented in a Las Vegas Nightclub called Drai’s Nightclub. All in all, the concert was packed and Big Sean was making good on his promise by delivering an amazing show. A female fan noticed the rapper had his shoes untied and to show her utmost respect, she swiftly tied his shoes, so that his outfit would be complete and flawless.

    Right after the incident, the Detroit rapper went on social media and uploaded a video and wrote in the caption “How can I slip when they got my back?”

    Poking Fun at Future

    He also went on to jokingly say in the comments, “Future would be proud”. His fans have always been the kind to be loyal. Made it sure when the rapper dropped his album back in 2020 called Detroit 2. Even in the middle of the pandemic the love given towards Big Sean from his fans has always been there.

    Homme Brazil

    To the point when a recently released photoshoot from Brazilian magazine L’Officiel Homme Brazil fans went insanely supportive towards the artist and complimented every aspect of him.

    Appearing in the scene almost 10 years ago as one of Kanye West’s proteges. He has also become one of the biggest hip-hop artists of his time. Big Sean has sold proximally 52 million records and has 94 million streams throughout the years. By possessing all this success, he always has time for his fans. At the beginning of the year 2020 he wrote on an Instagram post saying: “Through the ups and n downs, I managed to do the impossible…”

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