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    Benny Hondo Talks Star Power, Transition From Football To Music

    PA’s own Benny Hondo recently discussed what he wants to be known for and his background in music. He also details his transition from sports to the music industry.

    From Making Plays to Making Rhymes

    Benny Hondo, born Ben Dupree, grew into stardom. In addition to breaking records for Susquehanna Township, he played overseas in Japan for two years. As Hondo continues to build his legacy, he hopes people remember him as someone who brought positive energy and was a positive influence to the youth.

    When asked what the biggest transition from being a dedicated athlete to a prolific rapper, Hondo said:

    “The biggest transition is how you’re judged on what you do.”

    He continued: “For athletes, it’s easy to track stats and see who’s good and who’s not.” “For music, it’s so subjective. It’s harder to differentiate who’s good and who’s not. For music, you’re in control of your own destiny. In sports, decisions are being made without your consent.” 

    Hondo Stayed on His Grind

    After hanging with his childhood friend Loco and becoming known for rapping in the community, Loco eventually invited Hondo to the studio. The rest was history.

    “I always knew I could rap,” Benny Hondo recalled. “In school, we had to write poems and I always found it to be fun.”

    As a young boy, the Star Power artist, remembered his parents watching the Temptations, particularly David Ruffin. Ruffin’s stage presence is what drew the Philly rapper to him.

    Benny Hondo strives to be as authentic as he possibly can. Still, there are a few rappers that inspire his flow and sonic style. He admires PnB Rock minus the fact that he doesn’t make songs about females, but he taught Hondo that artists can harmonize without sounding cheesy. 

    Additionally, Shy Glizzy is Hondo’s go-to rapper for his catchy lyrics while he references Playboi Carti for his ad libs. Hondo boasts working with producers like Maaly Raw, Mexikodro, Vkayy, Chinatown Beats, Poloboy Shawty and Chris Rich.

    Due to his close relationship with his daughter, Hondo reflects on how his music will impact her. Moreover, he knows that one day she will listen to his music.

    “It makes me not want to degrade women in my music.” “I’m cognizant of what I say now. My music might not necessarily be PG, but I won’t degrade women in any way.”

    Furthermore, Hondo considers his ability to make a lasting impact on his hometown. He gives back to the community by working as a coach, helping young athletes with their strength and conditioning. He works hard to guide them in the right direction. During the summers, Hondo trains 50 kids a day, twice a week. 

    In anticipation for future music releases, check out “Cruisin” directed by TJtheDIRECTOR from Hondo’s Star Power 2 which dropped in May 2021.

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