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    Atlanta’s Bikkab Opens Up To Listeners On New Single “Distance”

    Reading the room is a crucial skill for adults. Once you can distance yourself from unwelcoming situations, you won’t need validation from others. Rising artist Bikkab incorporates this lesson in his new song, “Distance.”

    Still Making Hits

    Let me introduce you to Bikkab, an up-and-coming rapper from Atlanta with California roots. While “Mind My Racks” is his most commercially successful track, “Distance” stands out as something truly special. The emotional songwriting sets it apart in his discography.

    More Than Meets The Eye

    Bikkab is an artist with depth. Behind his dark and mysterious image lies someone who has faced hardships. “Distance” allows him to express his frustrations and connect with listeners who have experienced similar emotional struggles.

    I have high expectations for Bikkab’s future.

    Be sure to follow him on Instagram.

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