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    Are Snoh Aalegra And Joe Budden A Thing?

    Snoh Aalegra finds the need to explain herself after she reportedly appeared with Joe Budden. Instead of wondering if the two are collaborating, people immediately assume a man and a woman seen together must be dating. 

    In fact, this  intimate photo sparked rumors that the two were together. They made an appearance at the 40/40 anniversary party in NYC. Although it was a brief moment, the pair gave onlookers a show. Budden clearly whispers in Aalegra’s ear while she smiles at the camera. Then he teased fans with the post caption:

    “And lemme tell you another thing about pianos….(she’s not for play!!)” 

    Snoh Clears The Air

    The singer dismissed rumors that the two are dating. She refers to the moment as a brief encounter. Is it a problem for celebrities of the opposite sex to engage in public conversation nowadays? Clearly Snoh was disgusted by comments and took to Twitter to tell fans to “get a life.”

    Snoh’s Rise in Popularity

    The Swedish-Iranian artist rose to fame following her sampling of Drake and Boo-1da’s “Do Not Disturb” for her “Time” single. That increased her global recognition in 2017. On a positive note, Snoh dropped her new album Temporary Highs in the Violet Skies in early July. The album was released through ARTium and Roc Nation. 

    “I was thrilled to be included in the More Life album as a sample because I’m a big fan of Drake. Boi-1da and I have a great working relationship, so it’s all positive. I think some people have discovered me through that sample, but it wasn’t a collaboration, so it’s been a gradual process.”

    Wishing Snoh continued success. She will surely share who her man is when she’s ready. Joe Budden may not be the one for her. 

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