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    Apple Plans To Release Smart Glasses By 2020 & Car By 2023

    According to a reputable analyst and Apple Insider, Apple has major plans to literally augment and shift our reality towards the future. Based on this insider note, Apple will release its augmented reality glasses by 202o and a car three to five years after that.

    We predict that AR is the next-generation revolutionary UI; we therefore think that AR does not need any killer applications given it is a killer application already. We expect Apple will redefine the UIs of existing products by offering an AR experience created by the AR glass, which will likely be launched in 2020.

    Ming-Chi Kuo comments are a direct reflection of Apple’s recent announcement of hitting the monumental $1 trillion mark. Through services, AR and an Apple Car, Apple has its goal set on the next $1 trillion which is believed to happen soon, seeing as though it has reportedly been working on augmented reality glasses from quite some time.

    What do you think? Can Apple reach its $2 trillion dollar mark?

    Stay tuned for more, but in the meantime, learn how Apple made its historic mark by reaching the $1 trillion dollar mark in classic Apple fashion. 

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