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    Andrew Tate Disses Drake Over Pink Nail Polish, Lil Yachty Responds

    Andrew Tate disses Drake over pink nail polish! Controversial internet personality Andrew Tate causes major waves on the internet with his views. Especially his views on masculinity and feminism. The former professional kickboxer has a strong opinion on the way men should dress and style their bodies.

    Especially when it comes to showcasing features that are traditionally associated with women. Tate recently blasted Drake for rocking pink nail polish, and it seems that the Canadian rapper is taking the bait. Lil Yachty Responds.

    Andrew Tate Disses Drake Over Pink Nail Polish

    Drake took to social media sporting some pink-colored fingernails. The photo immediately caught the attention of fans and usual trolls who were quick to criticize his choice of manicure. Some argued that the look was inappropriate for a man of his age. others defended the “Broccoli” hitmaker’s right to express himself in any fashion he pleases.

    It didn’t take long for the usually quiet emcee to hit back at Tate, who is currently facing human trafficking and rape charges in Romania. The Quality Control MC posted an Instagram picture of himself wearing a brightly colored top and matching pink nail polish.

    Lil Yachty Responds

    In his response, Yachty pointed out that he pays over $50,000 a month in bills. Claiming he doesn’t waste his time worrying about how other people express themselves. He also went on to remind his followers that he’s been rich for a while. Apparently, he knows how to cut out unnecessary expenses so he can keep spending money on things like private jets, cars, houses, and jewelry.

    This isn’t the first time Lil Boat trolled Tate. In a viral video from last year, the rapper said that he would love to punch Tate in the face. He claimed he can’t do it because he Tate in the country anymore. He also called the man a loser and claimed that his alleged crimes are making him look bad.

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