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    Can My Dog Eat Cashews

    Pet care is one of those disciplines that people should have more knowledge about in this modern world. We have been taking care of other animals for the longest time, especially since we have the brainpower to do it. There have been documentations regarding the domestication of various species, and it is also thanks to our ancestors who did not even have the internet to help. It also sounds so basic, like these animals should have the same needs as well for survival, right? However, it is not the case, as you can see with these animals in this link who have to live with us to survive.

    That’s why it’s crucial to understand the way to take care of pets. There are things you must learn before thinking about getting one. First off, you need to have the right place for your chosen animal. In general it’s important to consider that larger entities require space to ensure their safety well as yours. It’s crucial to have accommodations, such, as a cage or comfortable bed, where they can spend most of their time.

    However, one of the most important parts of any care in the world is food. It is essential for the survival of all species in the world, and it will be you who will provide it for your fur baby. You would need to find more ways to ensure that they would have the right nutrition since they will all have different needs. For example, dogs are still the most popular animal to have at home. Even though the entire species have similar needs, each of them will have traits unique from each other, including eating habits. 

    New Stuff On The Horizon

    In pet care, many ways have been methodized by different people for their animals. These diet trends were said to be more effective and have been researched across the world based on their aspersions. Some say that it was influenced by the influx of CBD products like the ones pethempcompany recommends. However, there are only a few which are considered effective by both pet owners and researchers alike. One of them is the natural or raw diet, which means feeding them with everything raw.

    . If you’re thinking about incorporating nuts into their diet there are a things you should keep in mind. Cashews tend to be a choice since they can be easily found in grocery stores worldwide. Not only do these taste delicious, but they are also packed with vital vitamins and minerals for improved health. These nuts are fatty as well, which means that they have natural omega fatty acids, which are great for the heart and circulatory system.

    For dogs, though, you might want to take some caution. Cashew nuts are safe enough for them to eat, but you need to cook them first. Toasting is your best bet since it is faster, and you need to have a pan and high heat. Feeding them raw nuts may cause toxicity in their bloodstream as it does with humans as well. Even though it says that they are ready to eat, you must try and heat them first, then cool them down before serving them to your dog.

    Another important note is you cannot give them too much. The fatty components might work for us humans, but too much fat might cause some heart problems to the canine, even in smaller amounts. Try to give them a few at a time and mix them well with other ingredients. It is a good way to pay some pounds for leafy greens or meat products, but never good on their own as the dog might not even eat them. 

    Some Risks You Must Know

    Too many cashews can also cause pancreatitis, especially in smaller dogs. The fat in nuts can enter the bloodstream and lead to pancreatic problems. These are the organs responsible for digestion in mammals and help in processing the vitamins and minerals as well. Too much damage causes the organ to malfunction, resulting in weight loss, weakness, or even death. It can also trigger allergies in certain smaller dogs.

    However, the greatest dangers lie in most packages that say “mixed nuts”. Other nuts are even more dangerous than raw cashews. For example, macadamias are even more toxic because they contain certain chemicals which are not agreeable to these animals. Scientists are currently conducting research to uncover more, about it. There is already awareness that consuming macadamias can be hazardous. When purchasing nut based products it is important to ensure they are not mixed, with types of nuts.

    As you can see, cashews are safe enough for your dogs to eat. They are rich in omega acids that are great for their health, but you must add them sparingly to their diet. You must also be careful of other nuts since some of them might be dangerous. Allergic reactions are common among dogs, so you must be familiar with the symptoms. It is also important that it does not have any other seasoning; only plain is acceptable as this article agrees:

    When it comes to their diets, you must also be knowledgeable on how to build the proper diet. Raw diets are great, especially for those who know what their dogs want. It might not be the most optimal, but many people like it due to how easy it is to prepare. Always ask your vets first, though and see what you can do to improve your program. 

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