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    76-Year-Old Hip-Hop Lollipop Man Surpasses 150 Million Views on TikTok, Thanks to Beyoncé’s Mom

    Hip-Hop Lollipop Man Discovers Virality via Mother’s Beyoncé Endorsement

    Beyoncé's mother helps hip-hop lollipop man
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    In an unexpectedly viral tale, 76-year-old Brian, the “Hip-Hop Lollipop Man,” has become a star online after his infectious moves suddenly went viral. Since safely leading schoolchildren across the road outside Rood End Primary School for years, Brian’s sudden rocket to internet stardom began with a small burst of celebrity promotion from Beyoncé’s mother.

    Brian and his 29-year-old son Jay outdo the notorious 150 million views on TikTok with their energetic routines set to popular music tracks. Their standout performance was a dance routine to Beyoncé and her daughter Blue Ivy’s hit song “My Power.” Mom quickly takes notice of the phenomenon surrounding it, lending serious credibility to the duo.

    Brian, who never thought such mammoth online attention would ever come his way, was stunned, “If you told me when we started we would pass 150 million views with the help of Beyoncé’s mother, I would have said you’re mad.” The sudden turn of events has not only brought internet fame but also opened the doors of the mainstream media to him.

    As Brian and Jay get ready to hit the TV screens this autumn season, they have been invited on various programs like ‘Blankety Blank’ hosted by Bradley Walsh, “Steph’s Packed Lunch.” The popularity that the duo has towards their song helped them creep into the limelight, and there are many opportunities knocking on their door.

    On being asked about their sudden rise to fame, Brian said, “We have done Blankety Blank with Bradley Walsh, which will be on TV in the Autumn, and also done Steph’s Packed Lunch and a few other things. It’s like everyone wants us now, so we are saying yes to everything.” The infectiously joyous performances, coupled with their endearingly father-son bond, have won over audiences of all ages.

    While Brian revels in his new status as an influencer, he credits his son Jay for the internet magic. “We are both influencers now; companies pay us to wear their clothes. It’s crazy. We had pink suits for our last video because of the Barbie film. Jay knows what he is doing, I dance,” Brian revealed with a laugh.

    Black Country hip-hop lollipop man
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    Told in the singularly heartwarming story of Hip-Hop Lollipop Man Brian and his son Jay, this is an unexpectedly moving tale that reminds us all how much one can learn when they seek to. Their genuine passion for dance, teamed with Beyoncé’s mother’s support, has committed this dynamic duo to spread their message of taking a chance and bringing goodness across social media apps.

    With plans to burn up national television screens as soon as March 22nd, Brian and Jay never cease to remind us all that it does still exist the chance to chase our dreams and bring joy to the world.

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