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    6 Year Old Nadia King Committed And Sedated

    Nadia King is a six-year-old special needs student from Jacksonville, Florida.

    On February 4th Nadia was reported to an agency called Child Guidance, which is a crisis care provider for what school personnel said was the destruction of school property.

    Allegedly, King, who has ADHD and Global Developmental Delay, was having a tantrum. Which seems odd because she knew who and what the purpose of the Police was.
    However, Child Guidance instructed Love Grove Elementary to place King in a mental facility where King was held for two days and sedated.
    King’s mother says she was never notified of her transfer. Stating she received notification of her placement through a third party.
    Immediately kings mother went to the facility where Nadia was being held. However, when finally allowed to see her daughter, Nadia was heavily sedated.
    Meanwhile, Police body camera footage shows a compliant and curiously adventurous six-year-old Nadia King. As she benevolently interacts with officers. Causing one officer to say, ” I think they are overreacting to her. There’s nothing wrong with her”.

    How did we get here?

    The Baker Act is a law that allows for involuntarily placing people in mental institutions if they are seen as a threat to themselves or others.
    Between 2017-2018 over 36,000 children were committed to Florida due to the Baker Act.

    This number has almost doubled between 2018-2019.

    Many want to know if Nadia was in a special needs class, why weren’t the teacher adequately trained to deal with any special needs issue?

    Furthermore, Who authorized the sedation of six-year-old Nadia King?

    Meanwhile, Police say they were just called to transport the child. While the school claims they were following the instructions of the crisis providers. Thus Leaving Child Guidance to explain what and why this happened.
    With the recent revelations of a school to prison pipelines. One could say that Florida has created a school to mental institution pipeline.

    Once fingers begin to point, someone and something has crossed the line. However, with African Americans on edge across the nation. Knowing their children are not safe and will be targeted may drive them over the edge.
    What are your thoughts on the case of Nadia King and the Baker Act? Do you think it’s ok to arrest or commit a six-year-old child?

    Let us know in the comments.


    1. I think your long drawn out comment means the story did what it intended to do… Garner attention… Because no matter what you think or feel you know of the situation now…. Ijs✌

    2. I am amazed this was seriously submitted beyond an individuals secret diary/wastepaper bin, let alone is published somewhere. My optimistic delusion that if I persisted reading a wee bit more the mystery would be revealed was misplaced. Sadomasochistic drives flogged me to finishing this word turd attrocity. I am going to hypothesise this originated from the desks of our gun wielding, “what language do they speak in the UK”, Trump pimping, dictionary disdaining, Americans. Many of the words chosen are nonsensical contextually and use 11 on the Dobly to shout to all the “writer” knows not of which they write. Punctuation likely placed via guessing, or arrogant delusional beleifs the editors/writer has inherent talents qualifying them pardon from the tedium of understanding the fundamental usage of the written English language. And the further study and educational aptitude usually a requirement before considering oneself an editor or writer beyond the private scribblings of fridge notes, diary drivel, shopping lists, or text messages. You took a story with interesting, curiosity rousing elements and rooted the bugger of all it’s sense, identity, uniqueness, reason and meaning. The story started showering obsessively, lost touch with it’s sense of self, suffered identity confusion, and endured secondary traumas so debilitating all the wished for now was to cease existing. This is the only solution to stop the pain. Story suicide. The story blamed itself for maybe being too interesting in plot, with alluring characters. Perhaps the story enticed hungry pen holders who ogled story and sized up her parts for future use? Did story recklesslessly display plot twists in evocative and ultimately misleading signals? Some pen holders headlines hiss story malevolently pretends not being forcefully enticing and desirous to abducting a pen holder whom story manipulates to get what story wants from pen holding i”targets”. But we must reasonable ask who has gained at the conclusion of story and pen holders contact. The pen holder has ravished story of identity, authorship, dignity, and defaced her intrinsic narrative by being the driving force in the machine molesting story and blaming her for this due to story being bad, mad, sad, desperate, deceptive, complicit, jealous, hysterical, scorned and lovelorn to lunacy, or female and well, being there at the time. Whorey story,,

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