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    2021 ESPN’s NFL Power Rankings Through Week Seven: 1-10

    2021 NFL Power Rankings

    The NFL Power Rankings have been created throughout the first trimester of the 2021 season, per ESPN. This list is assembled by ESPN writers and their personal scale of these teams based on a 1-10 scale. They decided to record every writer’s scores and use them as a database through the first seven weeks of the season. In the midst of this scaling, one can see the evolution of the team ranking from week one to week seven.

    Top Ten NFL teams

    1. Arizona Cardinals

      The Arizona Cardinals are consistently achieving victories, which is leading them to further growth and improvement along the way. They had their hands full with stopping Derrick Henry in week one, then dismantled the Los Angeles Rams in week four. Even this past Sunday, they dominated the Cleveland Browns without their head coach. They continue to find ways to win and they often win on the road which is an early sign for a successful team. If the Cardinals can continue to average 32.3 points per game with the talent this team possesses, there will be very little opposing teams can do to stop this team going forward.

    2. Buffalo Bills 

      The season opener was a bit underwhelming for the Buffalo Bills. However, since then they have been a roll. This team has been predominately one of the best teams in the league up until this past Monday night against the Tennessee Titans. Realistically, Buffalo’s rating could be higher after that dominating win against the Kansas City Chiefs. This team arguably has the highest ceiling in the NFL, especially in the AFC. 

    3. Los Angeles Rams

      The Los Angeles Rams won in convincing fashion over the defending Super Bowl champions. Although they haven’t been as consistent as they should be, they have still managed to find ways to win the game. They recently took a spanking from the Cardinals which put a dent in their armor. All in all, the Rams record is amongst the best in the league; however, it’s too early to crown them just yet. The biggest concern is consistency for this talented group.

    4. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

      1. After a very successful season in 2020, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers have tons of injuries this season which has held them back. Ironically, they came out of training camp 100% healthy. They have nine starters that have missed a combined 22 games, including Antonio Brown missing a start due to COVID-19. Yet, they still have managed to find success only losing to the Rams this season. Their defense continues to struggle, yet they have one of the best offensive attacks throughout the league. This offense will face a challenge against the Chicago Bears and the New Orleans Saints, who both have strong defenses ranked in the top ten.
    5. Dallas Cowboys

      This rating can be debated as the Dallas Cowboys have proven to be one of the most explosive teams in all of football. Nonetheless, the Cowboys team did suffer their first and only loss of the year to a scorching hot Tampa Bay Buccaneers team. They do have concerning issues with a potential calf strain from star quarterback Dak Prescott. Although that is concerning, this team is talented enough to put themselves in a great playoff position going forward, bearing no significant injuries.  

    6. Baltimore Ravens

      Baltimore Ravens coach John Harbaugh has helped mold and shape this Raven’s team into a real contender later in the season. Taking into account, the big-time injuries they have had to account for that could have ruined their season entirely. They have 16 players on IR. The Ravens had a tough game in Las Vegas where they lost in overtime. Since then, they have been dominating and finding ways to win ball games. This includes Justin Tucker’s record-breaking field goal against the Detroit Lions. They are projected to win the AFC North and go far into the playoffs. Their dominating performance against the talented Los Angeles Chargers opened up many eyes around the league and rightfully so. 

    7. Green Bay Packers

      The Green Bay Packers suffered a challenging defeat to the New Orleans Saints in their first game of the season. They have yet to lose another as they rattled five straight wins. Star quarterback Aaron Rodgers continues to find Davante Adams which many consider the best duo in the NFL. It seems the only thing that can derail this team’s focus is if they mysteriously begin losing people to injury. This team is buzzing and doesn’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon.

    8. Los Angeles Chargers

      Many were skeptical of the Los Angeles Chargers going into the 2021 season. They have overachieved beyond expectations. Although they took a tough loss this past weekend to the Baltimore Ravens, Justin herbert has played on fire all season and is currently in the discussion for NFL MVP, thus far.  Their run defense seems to be their weakness and was exploited in both losses on the year. They’re in a tough division but judging from the first quarter of the season this team will be competitive down the stretch. 

    9. Kansas City Chiefs

      While highly competitive, the Kansas City Chiefs have had an underwhelming season, thus far. Their defense has been their Achilles heel all year. Their offense continues to keep them in games but if the ball is turned over, many teams tend to capitalize. The Chief’s defense and the number of unnecessary turnovers are killing them in big-time games. 

    10. Tennessee Titans

      The Tennessee Titans had a difficult season opener, suffering a heavy defeat against the Arizona Cardinals. It seems the Titans go as far as star running back Derrick Henry goes. He’s put the team on his back the past several weeks against solid opposition. He just had a 143-yard performance in the victory over the Buffalo Bills.


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