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    Baltimore Ravens Lamar Jackson Survives Kansas City Chiefs

    Baltimore Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson may or may not win another MVP in his career. However, he is by far the most valuable on the Ravens and he proved so last night. Jackson hasn’t necessarily proved he’s the best player or best quarterback. However, he is the heart and soul of the Ravens. They have molded their entered playstyle around Jackson’s abilities. Many opposing teams have to prepare primarily for his playmaking ability.

    Baltimore Ravens Depend on Lamar

    The Raven’s identity revolves around Lamar Jackson. Therefore, many teams attempt to contain him which usually tends to be the formula to beat the Jackson and the Ravens. The reality is many opposing teams often fail in doing so resulting in Jackson’s overall record in the NFL, 35-13, per stat muse.

    The uniqueness of Jackson allows the Ravens offensively to absolutely annihilate the Chief’s defense.The Kansas City Chiefs allowed Jackson to rush for over 100 yards and pass for over 200 yards. This is his fifth time in his career doing so which is the most in NFL history,per ESPN.

    Destroying The Narratives

    While he can still improve as a passer, particularly in pure throwing situations. Jackson is still capable of throwing with the best of the best. That would be nitpicking at this point due to his pure ability to run the ball and play make in the open field. Jackson has proven time and time again he may not be the conventional pocket passer but the elements he brings are so unique to the game it can cause havoc for opposing defenses. Although he lacks in conventional quarterback skills this doesn’t warrant for many to believe he’s inept in that aspect of the game either.

    He’s arguably the most lethal runner of the football in the open field in the NFL. Undeniably, Jackson is the best runner of the football at the quarterback position. John Harbaugh, the head coach of the Ravens possessed this remarkable ability which instilled him with unwavering confidence to make daring decisions on fourth down when the fate of the game hung in the balance. Furthermore throughout his entire career Jackson has consistently delivered exceptional performances in crucial games. As a starting NFL quarterback he has an impressive record of 31 victories and a mere 8 defeats.


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