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    19 Black Families Bought 90 Acres For Safety 

    With the recent protests that are happening for the racial injustice that has been seen all around the United States, police and representatives have taken extreme measures to prevent the protests. This has been causing a lot of tension between the Black community and police, ultimately causing an unsafe situation. 19 Black families wanted to have a safe place in Georgia for the Black community to come to, so they bought 90 acres to do just that.

    How did the idea get started?

    19 families buy over 90 acres to create safe city for Black people - REVOLT

    It all started with Georgia realtor Ashley Scott, she was fed up with all the attacks against the Black community, and she wanted to do something that was more than protesting.

    Ashley Scott also made a comment on why she decide to buy the land:

    “she realized creating a new city would create change and build “real Black power.” “We figured we could try to fix a broken system, or we could start fresh. Start a city that could be a shining example of being the change you want to see. We wanted to be more involved in creating the lives we really want for our Black families,” she continued. “And maybe, just maybe, create some generational wealth for ourselves by investing in the land. Investing in creating a community that is built around our core values and beliefs.”

    What are the goals for the land? 

    Overall the families want to create a safe space for the Black community to come to that isn’t filled with fear and violence. Another big goal for the land is to create a new place to establish the Black community that they think is with correct values and lifestyle.

    This is what the families have to say:

    “Amass land, develop affordable housing for yourself, build your own food systems, build manufacturing and supply chains, build your own home school communities, build your own banks and credit unions, build your own cities, build your own police departments, tax yourselves and vote in a mayor and a city council you can trust, Build it from scratch! Then go get all the money the United States of America has available for government entities and get them bonds. This is how we build our new Black Wall Streets. ”

    Lastly what do you think of the purpose for the land, do you think it is a good idea?

    Let us know in the comment section below.

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