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    Yung Bleu Pays A $2,400 Light Bill At His Mansion

    Celebrities love to flex their riches all over Instagram, especially rap stars. Yung Bleu especially loves showing off his Tiffany Blue cars and new jewelry. The young emcee obviously loves flaunting his wealth in front of audiences. Whether he’s bragging or not, he won’t apologize for being a rich rap star. Though, there’s one thing Yung Bleu isn’t too keen on flexing about on Instagram. Recently, the rapper revealed that he has to pay a $2,400 light bill for his mansion.

    Yung Bleu’s Light Bill Costs A Whooping $2,400

    light bill
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    Having only been in the rap game for a hot minute, Young Bleu has already started showing off all his riches. It’s truly amazing what money can buy a person. However, Bleu’s latest purchase isn’t earning the rap star any points in the smart-moves department. The Alabama-bred rapper took to Twitter to reveal that the light bill for his newest mansion rings in at $2,400. “Light bill $2400. U sure u wanna mansion?” he wrote on Twitter. That’s as much as renting an apartment in New York. Not to mention, Yung Bleu might be way in over his head with the purchase of the mansion. Currently, he’s only worth around $1 million. The “You’re Mines Still” crooner should’ve waited before signing any papers. We can only imagine how high the mortgage must be.

    He Shows Off His Hard-Earned Wealth Proudly

    light bill

    Despite the possible financial set back, Yung Bleu proudly shows off how he invests his hard-earned dollars. In retrospect, the rapper has made some great music, especially with his trending track “You’re Mines Still” featuring Drake. He even used his mansion as the set for one of his music videos.

    According to Bleu, he feels it’s important to “flaunt his luxurious lifestyle as a black man, rather than hiding it from his white neighbors.” On August 24th, the rapper took to Twitter again to explain that, “anywhere I shoot in my house, they mistake it for a flex. But my whole property is a flex. Black people tryna hide they wealth to please whites.” Interesting thought. Yung Bleu maybe paying a light bill of $2,400 but he’s proud of his fortunes nonetheless.


    1. Love his drive, and very proud of his accomplishments, but it’s good to make your money but showing what you have is very sensitive, people are suffering out here trying to make ends meet, I’m really truly happy for you, but tone it down some, much love to you on everything you do.

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