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    Young Thug Received 100 Acres Of Land On His 30th Birthday

    A few days ago, Atlanta rapper Young Thug celebrated his 30th birthday. The birthday boy had the full support his fellow rapper colleagues. He even received some lavish gifts, such as a pink Bentley from Gunna, artwork from T.I, a Bottega Venetta from 21 Savage and a ring from Lil Wayne. Though, the gift giving didn’t stop there. Young Thug received a costly gift from his manager and real estate agent, Trey Williams. Rather the per usual diamond watch or sports car, Williams gifted Young Thug with 100 acres of land to build “Slime City.”

    Young Thug Donates 100 Acres of Land for “Slime City” Construction

    slime city
    via Vlad Tv

    It’s not everyday that a celebrity’s manager carves out a piece of land as a birthday gift to them. Clearly, Young Thug’s manager and realtor was thinking outside the box. As mentioned before, Young Thug received throws of gifts from his industry friends, including his realtor Trey Williams. Furthermore, the real estate agent gifted the rapper a piece of land in Metro Atlanta. Williams posted the announcement on his Instagram page, as well as giving the birthday boy a tribute.

    Additionally, Young Thug’s manager revealed plans to build “Slime City” upon the 100 acreages. In a video posted to William’s Instagram, Young Thug and his entourage walk through a wooded area and head for a nearby lake. Not only will the rapper own 100 acres of land, but also a scenic view and a lake. We couldn’t agree more with Williams sentiment that “it’s one of the best ways to invest our money.” By being a big-time rapper, the gift will only make Young Thug richer. Not to mention, the land will be perfect for his “Slime City.”

                The Rapper Gifts Himself A $1.8 Million Ring

    slime city
    via SOHH

    In addition to receiving gifts from everyone, Young Thug even decided to splurge on himself for his 30th birthday. This past Friday, the rapper showed off a new rock on his finger worth a whooping $1.8 million. Of course, he couldn’t just flaunt the million-dollar ring alone. He did so while riding around in his newly gifted Bentley. Clearly, the Atlanta rapper had a very good 30th birthday. He received a piece of land to build his upcoming “Slime City” and purchased himself a diamond ring. Anyone would love to have those two things as a birthday gift.

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