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    Young Summer returns with a captivating visual, “Make Waves”

    Experience the captivating new single “Make Waves” by Nashville’s indie-pop star, Young Summer. This dreamy and psychedelic track takes listeners on a mesmerizing journey through the blissful chaos of love. With a heady bassline, intoxicating percussion, and smooth guitar, the enchanting soundscapes perfectly complement Young Summer’s lush vocals.

    “Make Waves” pulsates with irresistible passion and desire, capturing the essence of vulnerability and encouraging listeners to embrace the euphoria of love. The song’s hypnotic production creates an increasingly dreamy state, echoing the feeling of surrender and freedom.

    The music video for “Make Waves” is a delightful blend of whimsy and magic, showcasing Young Summer’s love affair with a fish-like river monster. Inspired by 60s cinema and vibrant macaroons, the video delves into magical realism, creating a captivating fantasy world for mystical romance.

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