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    YNW Melly Tries To Escape Jail Again With The Help Of His Lawyer

    No one wants to go to jail. Unfortunately, some people in the world aren’t acting members of society and have to be reformed. Rapper YNW Melly has been in prison for three years for allegedly killing his friends Christopher Thomas Jr. and Anthony Williams. Though, rather than taking the time to reflect over his actions, the rapper has tried to escape his sentencing. In fact, he’s been accused of working with one of his lawyers on an escape plan.

    YNW Melly Comes Up With An Escape Plan

    via Daily Mail

    It’s not easy to break out of jail. Though, that hasn’t stopped prisoners from trying to escape anyway. During a recent court hearing, the Florida Sheriff’s Office accused young emcee YNW Melly of plotting his grand escape. Making matters worse, he recruited help from one of his lawyers. Furthermore, the Broward Sheriff’s Office released a statement that revealed they’d been tipped off about YNW Melly’s plans. Moreover, the tip involved his lawyer bringing him and another intimate Nicholas Lewis handcuff keys to help them escape. More details revealed that another source notified the Sheriff’s Office of Lewis having a shank and drugs in his ceil.

    With accusations stacking up against the inmate and YNW Melly himself, jail authorities immediately conducted search of both their ceils. In Lewis’s ceil, the police uncovered several razor blades, a shank and two lighters. Moreover, the authorities moved their search on to Melly’s ceil but only found food and tons of clothes. No handcuff keys were found. All in all, the police came up short.

    The Rapper Is Still Guilty In The Eyes Of The Court

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    Even though the police found no evidence to support claims of YNW Melly’s escape, the court still believes he’s guilty. Moreover, the attorney for Leondra Phillips, the mother of murder victim YNW Juvy, believes the “plot” alone proves Melly committed another crime.

    “As the victim’s attorney, we strongly believe that any attempts to evade justice indicate guilt. This case must be thoroughly investigated, including the attorney’s role,” Phillips expressed to Complex. YNW Melly may have escaped the death penalty for his crimes and even managed to hide his attempts at escaping jail. Though, he might not get another chance again.

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