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    Why LeBron Has Nothing Left To Prove

    For at least the last decade we’ve had to constantly hear the argument of LeBron versus Jordan.

    Imagine the smiles on the anti-LeBron club when they heard that “The King” came up short of securing a victory. It’s no secret that regardless if LeBron chose to stay in Cleveland, or go elsewhere that he would have a target on his back.

    The three-time NBA Finals MVP, has always had to succumb to the criticism of many because of the Jordan like comparison. Despite what you think or believe, we all know that LeBron has secured a legacy that will never be in the shadows of the G.O.A.T.

    Perhaps we measure greatness in the moment, and not overall through the stretch of player’s careers. As King James has an interesting stat sheet when it comes to dominating opponents on the court. The Cleveland native has gone up against some of the best teams ever established in the playoffs. This would include the Celtics, Spurs, and at the moment Golden State Warriors.

    Making it to the finals seven years in a row is something that has to be acknowledged. Coming back from 3-1 deficit in the NBA Finals, is something that cannot be overlooked. Regardless of which side you’re on when it comes to the LeBron James stigma, he has certainly earned the respect of personnel and players around the league.

    LeBron has used his influence on and off the court, that has open the door for athletes to represent there community. The move to Los Angeles wasn’t about proving that he can compete in the more competitive conference. It was setting up shop for the business side of things to fall in place.

    King James has done more for his community, and culture than your favorite player will ever attempt to do. Let’s not panic because of a 0-3 start in LA. As always LeBron will be sure to answer the challenge and present plenty of Sports Center Highlights sooner than later.

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