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    What Happened to Lil Uzi’s Forehead Diamond?

    Lil Uzi Vert Loses Forehead Diamond

    Symere Bysil Woods or known professionally as Lil Uzi Vert mentioned that fans ripped out his 24 million diamond gem on his forehead while crowd-surfing.

    He told TMZ that the occurrence took place at the Rolling Loud festival in Miami where it took place on June 2021. He shared this information at the 18th anniversary of Jay-Z’s 40/40 club in August.

    “I was performing at Rolling Loud when I jumped into the crowd, and they accidentally pulled it off,” said Uzi, 26, in an interview with TMZ. “But don’t worry, I still have the diamond, so I’m feeling fine.”

    Although Lil Uzi Vert still has possession of the diamond and had it replaced in his piercing with a metal bar. He clearly has money to blow.

    At the beginning of the year, Lil Uzi mentioned on Twitter the expensive gem embedded on his forehead.

    Poor Diamond Placement?

    His followers then questioned the artist for his reason of having a body modification piece instead of a piece of jewelry.

    To which he responded:

    “If I misplace the ring, yeah, [you] will tease me even more than when I put it on my forehead.” Uzi told fans that his gem costs more than all of his cars combined and his home, adding the jewel is “10 almost 11 carats.”

    After the news of the rapper’s diamond on his forehead, fans were quick to compare him to the Marvel character Vision,where his body operates from the stone that is embedded in the middle of his forehead.

    To this day Lil Uzi Zert still has to respond to comments. Yet he tweeted out “I’m literally tryna turn in a diamond.”

    Money can buy almost anything.

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