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    West Coast Legends Team Up For Collab Album: Mount Westmore Review

    Mount Westmore Album Review

    Four of the most esteemed West Coast rappers have made history with their debut album. Ice Cube, Snoop Dogg, E-40 and Too Short came together to form a supergroup and release a nostalgic sounding California classic. This album is exactly what you think it is when you picture these four artists at this stage in their careers. Anyone who grew up going to concerts featuring NWA, Death Row, the hyphy sound, etc. will appreciate this album. The maturity and calmer demeanor of these artists are apparent as their sound is far more mellow than their approach back in the 90s. Unsurprisingly, one of the top Mount Westmore songs was titled “California” which is exactly what you think it is; four California rappers talking about California life. It wouldn’t be a California album without a California song!

    From Big 3 to Rap

    Ice Cube, creator of the very successful Big 3 basketball league, displayed in his lyrics that he’s still conscious of what’s going on in the black community.


    Snoop Dogg’s appearance isn’t surprising since not only is he a West Coast legend, but also because he has been doing anything and everything in his lengthy career. From Punjabi features, to German commercials, to streaming video games, podcasts, and much more, Snoop’s bucket list has to be empty by now.

    This album is just yet another recent win for Too Short, who received a street sign and hometown holiday earlier this month. The Oakland native was honored to witness a street in Oakland California have its name changed to “Too Short Way” as well as December 10th labeled “Too Short Day” (I can already hear those lyrics forming in my head).

    In addition to the plethora of Mount Westmore songs he gave is, E-40 also debuted his chicken & waffles flavored ice cream; a flavor about as unique as the Vallejo native’s cursive & offbeat rapping style. The Vallejo native brought his veteran knowledge of hip hop as well as his creative one liners to adequately pull his own weight on the project.

    For the generation X West Coast natives, Mount Westmore is for you, and it will not disappoint. Give the project a listen then comment your Mount Westmore album review!

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    1. I love seeing the collaborative efforts among these music giants. It’s good to know that they recognize that it’s truly about making music that moves people and sometimes that’s best done with others.

    2. Great and accurate recap of the album!
      As a 56 year old native Californian that just relocated to Texas, Mount Westmore is exactly what I need in my life right now. I drop the top and bump that sh!t everywhere in the DFW!

    3. definitely music that aged with the artists, I wish these 4 made a joint album like 25 years ago

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