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    Warriors Star Stephen Curry Enters The Mt. Rushmore Conversation

    While many may believe this is premature, the simple fact is, that it isn’t. Golden State Warriors phenom Stephen Curry has done more than enough to be considered among one of the greatest of all-time in the NBA. This may cause many to push back; however, the stats favor the people on this side of the argument. Curry has not only secured his fourth final and final MVP but he’s also done it in astounding fashion. Curry made sure there was no debate in this year’s finals about who the 20222 NBA Finals MVP should be.

    The laundry list of reasons why Curry should be spoken amongst the players people consider on Mount Rushmore is largely because of his impact on the game of basketball. Curry changed how the game of basketball is played amongst the youth to the adults globally. People shouldn’t let that go unspoken, he didn’t just change the game for America but globally there are people who want to shoot like Curry. Not to mention, how he’s affected coaching around the world, as well. Offensively people have never seen this amount of screens and ball movement. However, defensively the amount of blitzing the PGs coming off a pick and roll is astonishing in today’s game.

    Curry’s figured out how to become so effective shooting the ball from deep, he’s mastered the art of efficiency. He leads all payers in NBA history that averaged 20+ points or more in true shooting efficiency, according to Zach Rudeen .

    Stephen Curry Receives his Flowers

    Many players and well-recognized individuals acknowledged Curry’s greatness after he secured his fourth championship. Steph Curry’s brother, Seth Curry, openly spoke about his brother’s legacy and how people have to respect his name. Naturally, this seems like the logical thing to do, to defend one’s brother at all costs. However, not only is he biased, but he’s also 100% correct. Curry has done more than enough in this league to be respected as “one of those guys” and has yet to be acknowledged as such.

    “Don’t talk about Steph again unless it’s in a convo with the time great PLAYERS!! And I mean an [handful] of people to ever touch a basketball.”

    This is simply the icing on the cake for the “Baby Face Assassin”, to once and for all shut haters and deniers up for good.

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