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    Notre Dame PG Olivia Miles Only Reaches the Tip of the Iceberg

    Olivia Miles, the talented point guard from Notre Dame, hails from Philipsburg, New Jersey, situated right before the Pennsylvania state border. Like many young athletes, she started engaging in sports at an early age. However, it wasn’t until she was nine years old that she discovered basketball. Surprisingly, it was her pediatrician, not her father or a favorite player, who influenced her decision to play. In an interview with Sh3GotGame, she expressed a desire for a more elaborate story.

    “To be honest, it’s nothing extraordinary,” Miles emphasized. “My doctor advised my father to enroll me in various sports, and basketball was one of them. The rest, as they say, is history.”

    Olivia Miles, the talented point guard from Notre Dame, hails from Philipsburg, New Jersey, which is conveniently located as the last exit on the highway before entering Pennsylvania. Despite starting her sports journey at a young age like many athletes, she didn’t begin playing basketball until she was nine years old. Surprisingly, it wasn’t her father or a favorite player who influenced her decision but her pediatrician, who advised her father to enroll her in various sports. In a recent Sh3GotGame interview, she expressed her desire for a more extraordinary story.

    “To be honest, there’s nothing particularly special about it,” Miles emphasized. “My doctor suggested that my father sign me up for multiple sports, and one of them happened to be basketball. The rest is history.”

    Through trial and error, Miles discovered that her innate strength and competitive spirit were her most natural attributes. Interestingly, many athletes develop these qualities due to their initial timidity and lack of awareness regarding their physical abilities. However, Miles always loved the thrill of the game and takes great pride in her tenacity, even to this day.

    Olivia Miles’s “Sh3GotGame” Moment

    Growing up, Miles displayed natural athleticism and had a considerable size advantage. Her talents were so evident that she was allowed to compete with older teams due to her innate abilities on the basketball court. By the time she reached sixth grade, Miles was already playing alongside ninth graders. One particular game stood out in her memory, as she had an exceptional performance and essentially dominated these older high school players. Reflecting on that moment, Miles looked in the mirror after the game and realized her true potential, solidifying her determination to succeed. She expresses gratitude for the opportunity to play with older girls, as it forced her to mature and develop her skills at an accelerated pace compared to girls her own age.

    “Playing alongside the older girls helped me adapt faster and proved to myself that I could hold my own,” Miles explained.

    Miles Transitioning to College

    Miles had a slightly different transition compared to most of her peers, with only Talia Von Oelhoffen having a somewhat similar situation, although their stories are distinct. Unfortunately, due to early enrollment, Miles was unable to receive the McDonald’s All-American award. The rapid spread of COVID-19 prevented them from playing the game, resulting in everyone being stripped of the opportunity. It was undeniably a challenging time for Miles, and overcoming those emotions took time and was far from easy. Miles emphasizes the importance of shifting her perspective and recognizing that she can only control what is within her power, which helped her persevere.

    “I wouldn’t necessarily say it was fortunate, but COVID-19 robbed everyone of that experience,” Miles acknowledged. “It was frustrating, to say the least, but my perspective shifted towards earning awards in college and achieving my ultimate goals. The disappointment still lingers, but I have moved on.”

    Furthermore, following the All-American ordeal, Miles faced difficulty in choosing where to commit. Although she had a few finalists, she struggled to truly connect with their coaching staff. However, everything changed when Niele Ivy, a former WNBA player, became the head coach of the Notre Dame Women’s Basketball team. Miles and Ivy had a preexisting friendship and bond, and shortly after Ivy accepted the job, Miles committed to Notre Dame. When asked about the special aspect of their connection that made her want to be coached by Ivy, Miles responded:

    “She enables me to play at a high level with freedom. It’s not that my previous coaches didn’t, but I never had the same connection with them as I do with Ivey.”

    Miles Making NCAA History

    During the NCAA tournament, Miles accomplished a historic feat by recording a triple-double, making her the first person ever in NCAA history to achieve this milestone. This achievement holds immense significance for Miles, considering the legendary players in both men’s and women’s basketball. When she realized she was just one assist away from the triple-double, she made sure to accomplish it before the game ended.

    “Throughout the game, I was focused on doing whatever it took to win,” she expressed. “I was in the zone, everything was flowing effortlessly. This achievement holds a special place in my heart, and it’s incredible that it remains unbeatable. It also boosts my confidence even more, knowing that I’m the only one who has accomplished this among all the great players.”

    Passion Expressed Throughout the Game

    It’s no secret that women’s basketball is experiencing rapid growth. However, there are instances where women are unfairly criticized for showing emotions during the game. It’s worth considering that emotions and rivalries play a significant role in making the men’s game exciting. Miles herself has a perspective on this issue when outsiders try to diminish their game.

    During a game against Louisville this past season, Miles showcased her passion on the court. Despite being behind in the score, she intercepted a pass and confidently made a contested layup. As a result of her intense play, she exchanged words with Louisville’s guard, Hailey Van Lith, which led to some heated moments involving other players. Technical fouls were subsequently issued.

    Life After Basketball for Miles

    Miles is currently highly focused on her upcoming season. During the interview, she took a moment to contemplate her future and envision the possibilities ahead. While prioritizing her basketball career at present, she also considers how the game can contribute to her aspirations and enable her to make a positive impact through activism. Additionally, Miles highlighted that one of the reasons she chose to commit to Notre Dame, aside from Ivy, was the university’s potential to provide numerous opportunities beyond her college years.

    “Leaving Notre Dame will open doors for me in various fields I choose to pursue,” she emphasized. “This greatly influenced my choice to commit to Notre Dame.”

    In conclusion, when asked if she had any advice to share with others who may resonate with her journey, Miles replied:

    “Honestly, I would say stay true to your own path and goals. Avoid comparing yourself to others or external factors. Your journey will always be unique to you.”

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