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    Warriors PF Draymond Green’s Mother says Enough is Enough

    Golden State Warriors forward Draymond Green’s mother, Mary Babers-Green, puts her foot down and says enough is enough, reported Brad Callas for Complex Sports. In the past, she’s attempted to bail him out of situations by tweeting her thoughts on particular situations. Therefore, it should come as no surprise that she’s coming to his defense now.

    Soon after, she began backtracking her statements and went as far as deleting her account due to the backlash she received, reported NBC Sports. Naturally, right or wrong someone’s mother should and always have their children’s back. 

    Last week, Green and teammate Jordan Poole got into an altercation during practice. Shortly after, the video was leaked to the world and people began bashing and killing Green’s character. As a result, his mother began speaking about them moving past this as a team. However, she immediately followed that tweet up by completely denying Green suckered and punched him.

    “They can get through this. Everything can be fixed! What you see isn’t always what you get!” she wrote, indicating that her son and Poole will mend their relationship.

    Later, Babers-Green stated that Draymond didn’t sucker punch Poole.

    “It wasn’t a sucker punch,” she said. “Draymond didn’t aggressively approach Poole. His hands were down. When it’s man to man, you go over to talk (ask what’s up, what you say)! He got shoved and reacted… End of story!”

    Draymond Green Thoughts on the Situation

    Draymond Green spoke to the media recently about his relationship with Poole. According to Green, they’re in much better spirits than they were a week ago, however, one could agree tension may still be lingering.

    Green’s mother’s last tweet addressed the trolls, however, many believe she shares the same sentiment as Draymond in this sense.

    “I’m done with Twitter. I’ll let the birds do the chirping and leave it at that! Deactivating this app so no one can know my thoughts. Hopefully, things improve for the Dubs!”

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