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    Vivica A. Fox Thinks Ye Missed Her Point

    In case you missed it, Ye might be running for president again. He recently released an unofficial campaign trailer for the Ye campaign. In it, the opinions of several Black artists and entertainers are spliced together. One of which is that of actress, Vivica A. Fox. Fox can be heard saying, “Yo, Kanye. Eff you. And I mean that with everything inside of me,” Fox is heard saying the video clip. “You got to cancel him. And I know we not trying to be in a cancel culture but we got to hit him in his pockets now. Because he, obviously, doesn’t care about the African-American culture.”

    Vivica Fox has since responded with a Tweet. She accused Ye of misunderstanding her original statement. Specifically, Fox was commenting on Ye’s opinion on the murder of George Floyd. Vivica A. Fox did not agree with the rapper’s stance that Floyd was not murdered and had instead died as a result of fentanyl abuse.

    Vivica A. Fox concluded the Tweet with some self-promotion.

    “THANKS 4 watching my @foxsoultv show #CocktailsWithQueens & know 2 Can Play that game!”

    It is unclear how the game will be played next, but the next time Ye appears on anyone’s TV show it is definitely going to be entertaining!


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