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    Trumps Budget Kicks The Can Down The Road

    This week the Trump unveiled his 2021 budget proposal. Leaving many Americans asking “who’s going to pay for this“?

    The plan adds a whopping 3.4 trillion to the national debt. Furthermore, Trump has added 1 trillion in debt each year he has been president.

    Trump has proposed cuts to social security, Medicaid, Medicare. Ignoring all prior promises of leaving these social programs alone. Mr President also wants to cut the EPA by a massive 26%.

    With a proposed cut of 500 trillion in Medicare, tens of billions in social security, 982 billion in Medicaid and 844 billion in funding to the Affordable care act.

    Many believe that the bill will be killed in the house of representatives, but with Democrats pushing heavily for their infrastructure funding, there is a good chance it may pass.

    The cuts in these programs mean certain doom for many families struggling to pay for medical expenses and prescription drugs.
    Trumps Budget Kicks-1

    No light at the end of the tunnel

    With no replacement to the Obama era affordable care act. Republicans will be leaving millions of people in limbo or just without any adequate health coverage.

    Acting budget director Russel Vought stated that “these aren’t cuts in entitlements more than they are just good government reform”

    Meanwhile, the economy is growing at a rate of 2.3% a far cry from Trump’s claim of 4% or better.

    Even more, it seems Trump has fully retreated from the claim that he would cut the deficit in half by the end of his 1st term.

    When asked about the cuts to social security Russell Vought stated: ” it’s not necessarily a cut if your spending the same or more than the year before”.

    As usual, the defense budget is massive as Trump believes having a well-funded military is vital to national security.

    What do you think about Trump’s 2021 budget? does it unfairly target poor people, or is it a necessary sacrifice for the nation?

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