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    Top 5 NFL Highlights from NFL 2021 Season Kickoff

    NFL is back and there has been no shortage of incredible moments as the season opens up. For the first time in NFL opening weekend history, four afternoon games were broadcasted in all markets hoping to usher in the NFL’s biggest season yet.

    Here are the top 5 NFL highlights from the NFL 2021 Season kickoff.

    1.Tampa Bay Buccaneers & Tom Brady defended their championship title, winning their first game against the Dallas Cowboys with a final score of 31-29.

    Due to this, Tom Brady was awarded the FedEx Air Player of the Week, while P Bradley Pinion received the NFC Special Teams Player of the Week honor.

    Top 5 NFL Highlights
    Top 5 NFL highlights from NFL Season Kickoff.
    Buccaneers win against the Cowboys.

    2. Philadelphia Eagles‘ Devonta Smith and Jalen Hurts secure a touchdown pass against the Atlanta Falcons.

    The Eagles vs Falcons game resulted in a victory for Philadelphia with a score of 32-6. Notably, Davonte Smith tied the team record with six catches in his debut, finishing with a total of 71 yards. Jalen Hurts finished 27 of 35 for 264 yards and scored three touchdowns while also rushing for 62 yards. Hurts has amassed 300 total yards in three of five career starts and rushed for 60 yards.

    Eagles vs the Falcons. Philadelphia victory secured by Jalen Hurts & Devonta Smith.
    Top 5 NFL highlights from NFL Season Kickoff

    3. Pittsburgh Steelers block a punt from Buffalo Bills to take a 20 to 10 lead. Steelers come back from a 10-0 deficit to win 23-16 over the bills

    The Steelers defense has 2+ sacks for the 41st time since 2018 (most such games in NFL in that span).

    Pittsburgh Steelers
    Top 5 NFL highlights from NFL Season Kickoff.
    Steelers win over the Bills.

    4.The Las Vegas Raiders win over the Baltimore Ravens in overtime 33-27. Derrick Carr throws a 31 yard touchdown pass to Zay Jones.

    Las Vegas Raiders win in grand standing fashion as they enter overtime against the Ravens. Then, Derrick Carr throws a tremendous 31 yard touchdown pass to secure the w. No doubt, this play and Carr will makes their way onto several highlight reels, for sure.

    Las Vegas Raiders
    Top 5 NFL highlights from NFL Season Kickoff.
    Raiders win over the Ravens.

    5. The Chief’s Patrick Maholmes throws a 75 yard touchdown to Tyreek Hill. Kansas City Chiefs win against Cleveland Browns with a score of 33 – 29.

    In the fourth quarter,  Patrick Maholmes throws a 75 yard touchdown to TyreekHill who makes an difficult adjustment but is able to make the catch. After the Point After Touchdown (PAT) the score is Cleveland Browns 29 – Kansas City Chiefs 27. The Chiefs, after another touch down pass to Travis Kelce, are victorious with a score of 33 – 29.

    The Chief's Patrick Maholmes

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