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    Tonty Brings The Best Of Hip-Pop In “I’m Tryin’, Pt. 2”

    The American rapper Tonty has brought all her excellent ambiance and musical diversity to “I’m Tryin’, Pt. 2,” which incorporates an exciting footprint and mixes hip-hop with his romantic side. 

    “I’m Tryin’, Pt. 2” is a genuine mix of alternative hip-hop and adult contemporary, thus concluding in harmonic and enveloping beats that perfectly match the lyrical verses about spreading love and surprisingly make the composition richer in detail.

    Tonty is the name of the artist who has been aiming for success through her harmonies, a harmonic voice that narrates the journey, and light and gentle verses. Speaking of desires and possibilities, where the wings of sound welcome your loved one and open the vision of a new world, all of this is traced in an irresistible sensory embrace.

    Stream “I’m Tryin’, Pt. 2” on Spotify 

    Connect with Tonty: Facebook | Twitter | Spotify | YouTube | Instagram 

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