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    The Thrilling Anticipation of Trilla G ENT

    Everything you need to know about this artist’s collective before their next move.

    The “G” is for “Get ready.”

    Though having a generally low profile since their founding in summer 2018. Trilla G ENT is surely emerging as a powerhouse of artists. The East Coast-based (active in several cities including Philadelphia, Atlanta, and LA) recording label and production company has a few notable accomplishments: growing the Label with nine talented artists, releasing a plethora of mixtapes and EPs, and receiving praise from NBA player Steph Curry for their viral “I Love Union” music video.

    To start 2020 on a good note, TG3 dropped their first full-length album, “Executive Order,” on New Year’s Eve. While preparing to release music videos for a few selective songs, the collective is also actively working to recruit new artists, produce a podcast, and take off for a collaborative retreat. Moves are being made, and Trilla G ENT doesn’t plan on letting up anytime soon.

    Here are three big reasons you should be putting Trilla G ENT on your music radar:

    community-orientated Background

    “I Love Union,” which pays homage to an on-campus dining hall at Davidson College, was first recognized as a response to Steph Curry’s “I Love Commons” video, a previous ode to a different dining hall at Davidson.  However, the founders of Trilla G ENT created the video as an expression of gratitude. For the employees who always made meals the best part of any student’s day.

    “We wanted to have fun with [the video] but in a way that we could pay our respect to the staff that supports this institution,” Victor Alan-Weeks, one of the founders of Trilla G ENT, told the Davidsonian.

    One of the collective’s primary goals is to spread a positive impact on a global scale. It only makes sense that they start with honoring their community. Trilla G ENT continues to serve their community by also reaching out to their hometowns and college towns for resources and partnership opportunities.

    For Artists, By Artists

    Trilla G ENT is a record label and production company that specializes in music production, videography, graphic design, and consulting. They also serve as a platform for other artists: in this enterprise, all creative individuals help each other achieve artistic success.

    “We’re an internal network,” Lawrence King, one of the founders of Trilla G ENT, said. “We create access for our members. We collaborate, combine our skills, help find work and paying opportunities…we really support each other.”

    In addition to providing resources to help craft and develop their members’ skills, Trilla G ENT works to expand networks for their members. Encouraging artists to pursue their creative endeavors is a core value that the collective embodies.

    Incredibly Independent

    the Label has No sponsorships. No investors. No hand-outs. Self-made is a proud fact to honor, and Trilla G ENT intends to remain independent. Trilla G ENT currently has complete ownership of its Label. In an industry where contracts, copyrights, and publishing may cause some damaging effects, the collective is determined never to lose their grip on their company.

    “The way we move is different,” King said. “No investments or anything. We want to create a different environment, and owning our creativity allows that.”

    New content will be dropping from Trilla G ENT soon. In the meantime, they’ll continue to hone their skills, stay alert for recruits, and promote the current members of the collective. If you’re interested in joining Trilla G ENT or would like to be updated on any news, please email them at [email protected].

    Article By-Urma Redmond


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