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    The Late Show: Showcasing Young and Untapped Potential

    Typically, when underground rap scenes are discussed, cities like New York City and Chicago are the focus of the dialogue. However, Philadelphia is a city that deserves the same recognition. Philly has some of the most creative rappers in the country. “The Late Show” that Hypefresh Magazine covered proves that.

    Hosted by Michael Humphrey, “The Late Show” premiered at Bourbon and Branch in the Northern Liberties section of the city. The turnout was pretty good, with artists being their friends and managers. Everyone congregated either around the bar or on the dance floor, as they talked and got to know each other. It made the show as much of a social event as a music concert, which got rid of any tension in the room and brought a relaxed vibe.

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    The performances got started once all the artists were ready. There was not a bad performance throughout the show. Every artist knew how to interact with the crowd and keep them engaged while they ran through their set. Not only that, but their music was actually good.

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    There are a few performances that stood out amongst the other ones. One of them was by Dolce Dev. Dev ran through a few of his better-known songs, that the crowd loved. On stage, he made every part of his performance entertaining. His energy was infectious as it spread the crowd and caused them to move along. Dev kept the crowd pumped up throughout his time on stage and left them wanting more.

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    The next performance deserves to be highlighted was by Cesar and Ren, who make up the group 4VR. The duo performed some of the old tracks as well as one that they had just finished production on that day. Cesar is very extroverted while Ren is an introvert. On stage, their personalities complimented each other, while they moved in sync with each other. Another thing that stood out about them was their music. 4VR performed RNB music, as opposed to the hardcore rap of the other performance, with a lot of influence by early 2000’s soul music. It was refreshing to hear some light melodies, after listening to the bars of the previous performers.

    If you enjoyed this recap of “The Late Show” be sure to keep following Hypefresh, as we will be covering more shows like this. “The Late Show” will be coming back soon and for more info on it, follow Michael Humphrey on Instagram.


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