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    The Eerie Connection Between Euphoria’s Cassie and Oppenheimer’s Strauss

    Christopher Nolan, in a conversation with The New York Times, shared his belief that some narratives demand a certain readiness before they can be told.

    He felt this way about Oppenheimer, a story he considered dramatic and significant, yet untold in its entirety in the cinematic world. However, it seems Sam Levinson might have unexpectedly preempted him.

    Unexpected Connections: Oppenheimer and Euphoria

    In a peculiar twist, fans of Oppenheimer and Euphoria discovered an amusing link between the two.

    In Oppenheimer, Lewis Strauss, portrayed by Robert Downey Jr., is rebuffed by Einstein in a manner strikingly similar to how Cassie from Euphoria, played by Sydney Sweeney, is spurned by her love interest, Nate Jacobs, enacted by Jacob Elordi.

    The similarities don’t end there. As their stories progress, both characters undergo a mental unraveling, spiral into chaos, and essentially shatter their own lives and reputations due to this perceived rejection. Intriguingly, these scenes are shot in a similar style.

    Social Media Buzz: The Tethered Theory

    This connection has ignited considerable interest on social media platforms like Twitter. Images of Downey and Sweeney have been merged, and there’s even a suggestion that they could be each other’s “Tethered,” a reference to Jordan Peele’s film Us.

    An Olivia Rodrigo fancam has also been created, following the internet’s tradition of celebrating new and fun discoveries.

    Internet users are known for their knack for concocting intriguing theories about famous characters like Cassie from Euphoria and Lewis Strauss from Oppenheimer.

    While someone was taking his 5 minutes to infinity and beyond, he took a closer look at the two and came to a conclusion that doesn’t seem so far-fetched.

    It turns out that these characters would have more in common than we might imagine, even in physique. It is surprising.

    Character Analysis: Cassie’s Emotional Journey

    First, let’s talk a little about each of them. Cassie, for example, is a very sweet and accommodating young woman. She is insecure and, therefore, often makes bad decisions.

    Her past problems have repercussions on her present, as the problems between her parents led her to develop an attachment to her father, who later abandoned her.

    This is how, without thinking about anything else, she falls in love with all the young men she goes out with, no matter if they are cute, or aggressive, she just doesn’t know how to be alone.

    All this added to the fact that her colleagues brand her as an “easy” woman after some packs of her were leaked. She is a very sensitive and sentimental person.

    Character Analysis: Lewis Strauss’s Power Play

    Lewis Strauss, meanwhile, was described by Nolan as a man who believes the whole world is against him. He will use his power as head of the Atomic Energy Commission to work his way into the US government and discredit Oppenheimer.

    His communist past will influence his decision-making and reveal his true self during the management of the Manhattan Project.

    The Quest for Attention: A Tale of Rejection

    Now comes the interesting part, because perhaps at first glance we might think that they have nothing in common; however, they are more similar than we would expect.

    The first thing is that they both carry a dark past that has repercussions in their present, leading them to make the worst decisions. Both Cassie and Lewis are on a quest for the attention of a specific individual.

    data-block-id=”8586feae-65b9-47dc-8bf8-647955bf4390″>Cassie yearns for the attention of her ex, Nate Jacobs, while Lewis seeks Albert Einstein’s. They both strive to persuade their respective individuals to “choose them,” but alas, neither succeeds.

    They are disregarded and made to feel inferior, leading to a sense of betrayal. For instance, when Cassie encounters Nate and he simply walks away, her smile gradually fades into a look of sorrow.

    This mirrors Lewis’s experience when he approaches Albert Einstein to rally support against Oppenheimer, only to be dismissed in a similar fashion.

    Adding to this, a physical comparison of both characters reveals striking similarities. Leading to the wild speculation that Cassie from Euphoria could be the reincarnation of Lewis Strauss from Oppenheimer.

    The most disheartening realization is that Oppenheimer, despite its captivating narrative and impressive production, could be reduced to the plot of a teen drama, which is why it aligns so well with Euphoria. Yes, that sound you hear is our hearts shattering…

    Ultimately, this serves as a reminder that cinema is a mirror of reality. Whether you’re an official of the U.S.

    Atomic Energy Commission or a high school cheerleader fond of glittery eyeshadow, everyone has experienced a form of rejection that feels world-ending at the time.

    Everyone has fantasized that if they could just win over that one person, they would achieve ultimate happiness. And if you’re still skeptical, just remember: Einstein was incredibly attractive.

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