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    The DCG Brothers Bring The Heat Back In Their New Track “WYO”

    If there’s one thing we know about up-and-coming emcees, it’s that they’re always putting out their best work. Being new to the rap game means reinventing ourselves and our music.

                Furthermore, Chicago’s baddest rap dou, the DGC Brothers, certainly know how to keep their wheels clean. The Chi-town risers continue dropping track after track. A few months back, the drill rappers dropped their Jungle Life mixtape which exceeded expectations. Their track “Buss It” off the record, certainly brought the fire. They may be still on their come up, but the brothers prove that they are ready for the life of mega rap stars.

                Now the heavy-hitting stars have returned to bring back the heat on their newest offering “WYO.” In the new track, the DCG Brothers make sure to keep things fun, loose and most of all, lit.

                They Brought The Heat On “WYO”

    At the end of the day, the DCG Brothers are just two young rappers enjoying the journey to rap stardom. While the two keep the fun going, they also fill the room with tons of energy. Moreover, the brothers bring the heat everytime they’re on stage or shooting a music video.

    Furthermore, their newest track “WYO” definitely packs tons of energy. The rap duo makes it clear that they’re on their “demon time.” Of course, everyone around them, including their featurette PGF Nuk, needs to have the same energy. Otherwise, they’re not apart of the clique. With spitfire lyrics and a great rap flow, the DCG Brothers are far from average rap stars.

                Check Out The DCG Brothers


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    Boybands come and go all the time. Though, DCG Brothers might be in it for the long haul. They’re keeping drill rap alive in the streets of Chicago. Not to mention, they’re turning up the heat with each new track. They’ve even received sign-offs from publications like HotNewHipHop, Pitchfork, and Chicago Reader.

    Even Lyrical Lemonade stays tuned into the rap duo, noting that they “single-handedly put the city of Chicago back on the map.” Clearly, the young rap duo have the skills needed for the business. Be sure to keep up with more music from Chi-Town’s finest, the DCG Brothers.


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