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    Lil Durk Loses His Brother In A Shoot Out

    The rap community has lost tons of legends and rising stars in the past few years. Even worst, they’ve lost their own loved ones as well. Rising Chicago rapper Lil Durk maybe on the fast track to success with hit after hit. However, he’s lost plenty of people along the way, including family members. Recently, the emcee lost his brother to a shoot out outside a Chicago strip-club.

                A Rapper Loses His Brother In A Tragic Shoot Out

    shoot out
    via Daily Mail

    There’s nothing worse than losing a family member to a violent crime. Furthermore, Lil Durk escaped a life of crime and violence. Fortunately, the rapper found fame and fortune at a time when he’s needed it most. However, throughout his journey to musical success, he’s lost several family members to crime violence. Both his friend King Von and cousin Nuski were fatally shot to death. Moreover, Lil Durk grieved over their deaths. Unfortunately, the rapper once again faced tragedy this past Saturday. This time, he lost his brother OFT DThang during a shoot out outside a strip club in Chicago. Can this man ever get a break?

    One detail about the murder that revealed that the killer struck DThangs in the head and left him for dead. Unfortunately, authorities have yet to assess the motive behind the murder. Though, we’re positive it’ll be a matter of time before authorities catch up with the criminals.

                          Fans Share Their Condolences

    shoot out
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    Dealing with back to back tragedies can take a toll on a person overtime. While Lil Durk has remained strong in the wake of his brother’s death, fans expressed their concern for the rapper. Some even seemed concerned for his mental strength, given all the loses his suffered. One fan tweeted “Really praying for this man’s sanity at this point.”

    Others reacted with utter shock at the news. Days before his death, Lil Durk and his brother OTF DThang recently attended Quality Control CEO Pierre “Pee” Thomas birthday bash. “Broo this is crazy. They were just with each other,” one fan wrote on social media. In all honestly, we hope that Lil Durk will recover from the loss of his brother and find justice.

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