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    Deshaun Watson’s Legal Issue Force Panthers To Back Out Trade

    Houston Texans quarterback Deshaun Watson’s legal issues force the Carolina Panthers to back out of trade discussions. The Panthers had no further interest in trading for Watson due to unknown status of his legal issues,per ESPN. Not to mention, Watson plans to move forward with his no-trade clause.

    “The first thing I care about is winning,’’ Tepper said. “The second thing I care about is winning. The third thing I care about is?’’

    Watson is currently fighting 22 lawsuits alleging sexual assault and inappropriate behavior. He has not played a down for the Texans this entire season, and this preseason as well. He has a no-trade clause in his contract, yet he’s willing to waive entirely for the Miami Dolphins.

    The Panthers, who explored the option of Watson coming to their organization, dates back to the off-season. They got an indication that Watson showed interest in playing for them but hadn’t received any commitment in writing, per ESPN.

    “[The Panthers] felt he would have come to Carolina, but [that] he wanted Miami first,” according to ESPN.

    “I’ve had a business for 25 years,’’ Tepper said. “I’m a person that believes in equality for everybody, including men and women. … Anything that comes out of this [NFL Richardson investigation] in the past. The past is the past.’’

    Roger Goodell Approves Deshaun Watson’s Eligibility

    According to ESPN, Carolina wasted no time in conducting their own investigation into Watson’s legal issues, regardless of whether he would eventually waive the clause. They feared it would take too long, and it’s probably too late as of now, per sources.

    NFL commissioner Roger Goodell said Tuesday, Watson is eligible to play if traded due to a lack of information and evidence about the allegations.

    The Dolphins have been the strongest contender and most interested in Watson. The trade value has not changed for the Texans. They are looking for at three first-round draft picks and possibly other players. It seems that they are purposely making unrealistic expectations for opposing teams to make the trade that much more difficult for Watson.

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