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    Tattoo Convention In Philadelphia

    Philadelphia Tattoo Arts Convention

    There will be a tattoo convention in Philadelphia this Friday through Sunday (January 17th-19th). The event is ran by Villain Arts, a group that holds tattoo 21 tattoo conventions all over the country throughout the year. If one is interested in further information on when and where the other conventions are simply follow this link.

    Event Details

    This event is being held at the Pennsylvania Convention Center. Tickets cost $22 a day or $43 for a 3-day pass, whereas children under 12 can go for free. One can purchase these tickets at the show or through their website.

    Other details such the times of the events each day as well as some of the artists in attendance are provided on their website. There will be a vast amount of talent when it comes to the artists being featured at this event.

    Featured Artists

    Due to the vast numbers of artists in attendance there will be a large range of possible styles and designs that one is able to chose from. Along with conventional styles of tattooing, renowned artists in the technique of poke tap tattooing and the distinct style of Japanese tattooing will be at this convention.

    One is able to receive on site tattoos from one of the 1,500 artists that will be in attendance. Artists include members of established tattoo shops across the country as well as members of shows such as Ink Master and Tattoo Nightmares.

    Along with this there are a number of international tattoo artists who will be at the convention. Artists from countries such as Japan, China, Spain, Greece, and Germany will be there.

    Final Thoughts

    Even if one doesn’t want to get a tattoo this seems like a fun event to attend. One will be able to appreciate the many differing forms of art from the 1,500 artists featured.

    What do you guys think though? Is this something you would be interested in going to? And if so what type of tattoo would you possibly get?

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