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    T.I. To Offer More Than 100 Affordable Housing Units in 2022

    Rap Queens

    Rappers often catch bad reps for simply telling stories about their experiences. Most street rappers spit rhymes about the lives they lead or led. Many fans over the years connect with these storytellers because they can identify with the plight. Despite hardcore lyrics, there are angels clad in saggy pants and gold teeth who care such as T.I.

    T.I, Atlanta’s beloved philanthropist is giving back, once again. The “You Don’t Know Me”, rapper is offering a 143-unit affordable housing development beginning in 2022, according to Black Enterprise. 

    The development will be in Bankhead. Historically, the neighborhood is popular for its high crime rates and low poverty level.

    For Bankheadonians, this is a major move for the community as it continues to evolve and grow over time. The goal is to combat gentrification.

    An Atlanta Philanthropic Endeavors

    The “Whatever You Like” rapper is no newbie when it come to giving back to his community. Born September 25, 1980, the star is born under the sun sign Libra. Libras are air fixed beings, meaning they often go with the flow. Despite the controversy in his life, his ability to make changes around him is incontestable.

    According to Ebony, the Georgia state senate honored the rapper for his philanthropic efforts.

    The honoring stems from a plethora of efforts to improve the quality of life in Atlanta. Creating several non-profits, he boasts Harris Community Works, which helps low-income households. For The Love Of Our Fathers, another project created by TIP, helps those suffering form dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. Not to mention, his undying efforts to help those in need affected by natural storms are greatly appreciated.

    T.I.’s Latest Endeavor

    Rapper TIP reveals his latest philanthropic effort on Instagram where he shows off his 143 unit housing development. ‘Buying back the block’ is a term used by Black investors who use their money to reclaim real estate.

    The new housing location is in the area as a previously active shopping mall where the rapper and his grandmother used to shop when he was a kid.

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