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    Steve And Marjorie Are Fine! That’s What They Claim

    The Harvey’s just took the time out to clear the air regarding their relationship.

    For well over a week the topic of conversation has been the status of Steve and Marjorie. Several outlets are reporting that the couple’s marriage is in turmoil, and expects the marriage to be over sooner than later. Many believed that Marjorie had an issue with Kris Jenner’s close relationship with Steve. In addition to the news, the apparent former drug Queenpin was seeking $400 Million to separate from Steve Harvey’s empire.

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    Steve and Marjorie are Fine

    The couple decided to address the rumors surrounding their marriage this weekend. Steve and Marjorie both were present at Churchill owns for the Kentucky Derby. Steve’s son Broderick joined in on the rumor asking the question to his parents. Overall the married couple would laugh off the rumors regarding separation and them being broke. However, nothing confirms Marjorie’s thoughts on the video surrounding Kris Jenner relationship with the Daytime show host.

    Regardless if the two are splitting it still seems to be a rough patch for the both of them. Late last year Harvey learned that his show slot will be replaced by an NBC Universal network produced Kelly Clarkson show. It has not been confirmed if his show will be pushed to a different time slot or if he will migrate to another network. In addition, Marjorie’s ex-husband just finished serving over a twenty-year sentence. He plans on releasing a memoir regarding their alleged days as known Drug Kingpins.

    Do you really believe that Steve and Marjorie are fine? Are they just fronting for the camera? Leave your comments below and stay tuned to

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