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    Get Over It: Marjorie & Lori Harvey Kissed On The Lips?

    It looks like Americans are the only ones who have an issue with the infamous Marjorie and Lori Harvey’s mom and daughter PDA.

    Over the weekend TV host, Steve Harvey’s daughter Lori and his wife Marjorie received backlash on social media for sharing a photo of them kissing on the lips. First Lori was under the gun for making moves on both Jay-Z and Diddy. Now, she is in the news for making moves on her mother?

    Allegedly, the mom and daughter duo have been traveling to 12 countries across three continents and decided to share some of the action. So, while the duo visited Yusopov Palace in Russia, the images that shocked the world surfaced. And from the looks of it, some of their followers are fed up.

    Lori Harvey and Marjorie Harvey

    Disgusting. I see dads doing it with their daughters too and feel instant nausea. What’s wrong with a peck on the cheek?

    Affection and the Science Community?

    But according to science, children and public forms of affection have been topics that are widely discussed. According to Psychiatrist Sue Varma, early stages of affection sets up a child for better brain development. She suggests that memory, learning, and motivation are increased just from early signs of affection from parents.

    However, Elaine Swann, Etiquette Expert suggests that in a context of social etiquette, the behavior is questionable based on age. Therefore, Jennifer Claude Pediatrician from Rowan University has suggested that for safety reasons, there should be no kissing.

    But that still leaves the question as to why in the case of Lori and Marjorie, people were so outraged.

    “They are too old for that. A kiss on the cheek is more than fine. And if it was her father kissing her on the lips, they would go crazy trying to call him incestual.

    Although neither has responded to the outrage, I do not believe they need to. Is it that America is too brainwashed to understand familial forms of affection? Or is that natural feeling of disgust normal? Please drop a comment below and for more on celebrity news and gossip,

    Featured Image Credit: Getty Images / Atlanta Black Star 


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