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    Spice Fears “Black Hypocrisy” in Jamaica

    Spice claims Black business isn’t successful and the Chinese are THRIVING…

    In a recent appearance on The Breakfast Club, self-proclaimed Queen of Dancehall and Love and Hip Hop cast member, Spice, shared her thoughts on the lack of identity preservation in Jamaica. The morning hosts began the conversation by addressing Spice’s fairly recent skin-lightening debacle (which wasn’t real) which was to promote her single titled “Black Hypocrisy“. Later the discussion circled back when asked how she felt about the “Chinese buying up everything in Jamaica” and her response:

    “I don’t like it,” said Spice. “But again that’s another black hypocrisy…if you’re black and you have businesses, they don’t support you, but the Chinese, they buy, they support…”

    According to CThaGod and Spice, the Chinese have invested $100 million in a highway (fact check, it was $600M) and communities consisting of Asian workers, developers and more began sprouting frequently.

    This speaks to a bigger issue– self-preservation or rather the preservation of one’s culture. It gets a little murky considering the social climate today when advocating one’s own without being non-inclusive or extremely exclusive.

    Check out below the conservation below.

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