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    Elon Musk Reveals The SpaceX BFR Spacecraft

    SpaceX has been in the news since 2017, alluding to a potential launch to the moon. Now, SpaceX will be sending its Big Falcon Rocket around the moon with a mysterious passenger. Elon Musk even took to Twitter to announce it’s new BFE which has a capacity for 100 people in its 4 cabins.

    According to sources, its boosters will feature 31 Raptor engines with 7 honeycomb shaped arranged engines on the ship itself. The BFR project is a part of Musk and SpaceX’s longstanding initiative to colonize Mars. In the year 2022, Musk wishes to launch an unnamed cargo mission followed by human missions by 2024.

    So stay tuned because SpaceX will reveal the identity of the BFR passenger today at 6 pm PT on its website.

    In other tech news, find out how technology is killing “cuffing season.” 

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