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    Sophia Valentina: Entertainment’s Youngest Singer

    Going through life and seeing what you least expected. The music industry is one that continues to grow immensely; everyone wants a piece but often  fail to succeed. But this is not the case for the young independent Texas native Sophia Valentina.

    She started out as a dancer at only three years old in Los Angeles, Sophia proved to be the cherry on top in the studio. Dancing with much older people, she immediately showed her full potential and caught the attention of producer Andrew Lane.

    Starting Young

    For Sophia, being this young yet so full of energy and enthusiastic helped her make a huge impact on other kids to join the music industry. Although children have always been marketed in music, Sophia plays a huge part in her peers’ consideration of entering the industry.

    Going a little bit back in time, we may recall the musical sessions of Kidz Bop which would constantly take pop-charting songs and recreate them and make a child-friendly version for everyone’s enjoyment. To the point, their slogan has become “today’s biggest hits sung by kids, for kids.”

    According to Kidz Bop parent company Concord, Kidz Bop is now the No. 1 music brand for kids, selling more than 20 million albums and generating 3 billion streams.

    Now circling back to Sophia Valentina, she’s introducing herself to the world through her career as a singer.  On Feb. 4 she dropped her first song and music video called “Pose”.

    New Song and Video ‘Pose’

    When Sophia talked to HypeFresh about the new song she mentioned, “It’s about being with my friends.”

    As her mom also recalls, this song captures a glimpse of Sophia’s lifestyle. Especially since she’s drastically changing every time she goes from her hometown in Texas to Los Angeles. The visual demonstrates her dynamic with her friends, going to various events, and more.

    Andrew Lane who is known as a record producer based in LA, recalled Sophia being in of his youngest clients at only four years old. He acknowledged that another youthful star is seven years old. Lane received gold and platinum accreditation for working with artists such as Speech, Keith Sweat, and Alsou. This gave Sophia the upper hand in her quest to stardom, by receiving help from professionals in the industry to push her to create her new song and video.

    For Sophia, is just all fun when it comes to working in the industry, recalling her moments by saying “It’s just great.” Her song “Pose” also has a special feature with SAG-AFTRA Actress Journey Christine. Both girls create a light shimmering atmosphere into this song, giving it a beautiful meaning of friends and just having plain and simple fun.

    If you want to check out more from Sophia Valentina, check out her Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube. And be sure to let us know what you think.


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