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    Snoop Dogg, Master P Threatened With Legal Action For “Snoop Loopz”

    No matter the circumstance, “big bank is always going to take little bank.” The money you have will never be able to compete with multimillion corporations that have been around forever, including Snoop Dogg & Master P. Even though these two cultural icons are bigger than life, they had to learn the hard way, that big cereal businesses don’t play about their money.

    Sour Surprise

    Essentially, Snoop and Master P teamed up together to start a cereal brand called “Snoop LOOPZ”. They thought everything was going to be sweet, but things soon turned sour. They gave the two a letter in the mail from a company threatening legal action due to their name.

    You’re probably wondering who’s hating on them. It’s nobody other than the Kellogg conglomerate themselves. Kellogg owns the trademark for the word “LOOPS” in connection with cereal breakfast foods since 1963. Snoop probably figured if he added the “z” at the end, he’d be safe from copyright infringement.

    Time to Get Creative

    But to play devil’s advocate, Snoop Dogg needed a better name for a cereal than Snoop Loopz to begin with. If we’re being honest, there’s nothing creative about the name, “Snoop Loopz” and it has too many similarities to “Froot Loops.”.

    To fix this error, Snoop Dogg and Master P have asked fans to send in potential replacement names for the brand. It’s kind of lazy if you ask me, especially because the person who comes up with the replacement name most likely won’t be credited and compensated. But hopefully, this doesn’t slow down these budding entrepreneurs and they continue with their journey.

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